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Real Estate and Housing

For your real estate enterprise, we offer fully authenticated and user-friendly solutions. Our responsibility is to keep you updated on every step of development, from design to deployment. By utilizing trending technology, ALDS pushes the boundaries of apps and websites.

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Solutions for CRM and ERP

By taking advantage of ALDS's CRM and ERP solutions, you can increase customer relationships and productivity.

  • Automation of marketing

    Automation of marketing

  • Live communication

    Live communication

  • Management of contracts and deals

    Management of contracts and deals

  • Sales across multiple channels

    Sales across multiple channels

  • Flow automation of documents

    Flow automation of documents

  • Management of contact information

    Management of contact information

Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Solutions for Tenant Management

With a centralized, easy-to-use portal, you can manage your tenants, rents, and agreements effortlessly.

  • Organize communication

    Organize communication

  • Rent posting made easy

    Rent posting made easy

  • Modifications to document properties

    Modifications to document properties

  • Checklists and Help Lists every month

    Checklists and Help Lists every month

  • Features Described in Detail

    Features Described in Detail

  • Payments to Vendors of any type

    Payments to Vendors of any type

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Developing and maintaining applications

Real Estate Industry transformation driven by powerful applications. Maintaining your existing apps is also a priority for us.

  • Onboarding new customers

    Onboarding new customers

  • Database and listings

    Database and listings

  • Sorting and Filtering

    Sorting and Filtering

  • Descriptions of properties

    Descriptions of properties

  • Interface for Lead Management

    Interface for Lead Management

Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Application Frameworks / Portals

Take complete control of your portal / web application by using a powerful and sophisticated portal / web application.

  • Access log-in

    Access log-in

  • Listings


  • Various images

    Various images

  • A real-time messaging system

    A real-time messaging system

  • List of favorites

    List of favorites

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Online Auctions / Property Portals

Our company creates easy-to-use auction websites and property portals that facilitate property searches, comparisons, bookings, and purchases/rentals online.

  • Filtering by Property Type

    Filtering by Property Type

  • Filter for custom price ranges

    Filter for custom price ranges

  • Feature Filter: Amenities

    Feature Filter: Amenities

  • Listing


Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Property booking online

You can book properties online or with a mobile app that has advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

  • Real Estate Cost Calculators

    Real Estate Cost Calculators

  • Calling or Direct Messaging

    Calling or Direct Messaging

  • Tour via virtual reality

    Tour via virtual reality


Real Estate and Housing

Online learning has minimized barriers, both for learners and for trainers, by allowing them to learn by themselves or with an instructor remotely. Students can take the course on their own time, place, and device and learn at their own pace. Nevertheless, there are some challenging obstacles that must be met thoroughly with feasible solutions- and we specialise in offering assistance in this regard.

  • Volatility in the market

    Volatility in the market

    Numerous factors affect the real estate market, causing it to fluctuate. Property values are impacted by these factors heavily.
  • lead


    The number of agents outnumbers the number of buyers, causing the leads to be centralized. You can increase lead generation by working with Real Estate App Development Company.
  • Input Costs

    Input Costs

    As a result of high business setup costs, real estate organizations have difficulty adapting to new technologies.

  • More Informed Buyers

    More Informed Buyers

    In the real estate industry, everyone wants a quick selling process and less stressful experience with top-tier results.
  • Lack of trust

    Lack of trust

    Online real estate markets have fewer qualified buyers, so customers do not have the confidence and assurance that they will receive their dream property online.
  • online registration

    Innovations in technology

    Today, customers want to have a realistic experience of the properties they see online. In addition to demographic shifts and preferences, technological advances are affecting online real estate.
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What Value We Deliver

Real Estate and Housing

  • 1
    An integrated approach

    Building compelling web and mobile application solutions for real estate companies with multiple offices, including wholly owned subsidiaries, licensees, and franchisees, we help them achieve greater results locally. Using a holistic approach to real estate site design, we help them achieve greater results.

  • 2
    Leading-edge technology

    Utilizing the technology of virtual reality and 3D, we create websites with advanced views of properties for sale. We provide your company with all the required tools and expertise for a successful online real estate business.

  • 3
    The Agile methodology

    We integrate agile methodologies into our real estate application development. As a result, we can deliver high-end, custom-made applications on time.

  • 4
    Support for location-based services

    We add value to your real estate business by integrating advanced features like geolocation. In addition to making it easy for dealers to search for their properties, it also gives them accurate information about those properties.