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React Native Development

React Native is an open-source javascript UI library created by Facebook to develop apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows. React Native enables developers to use the React framework and native platform capabilities. React Native has the following key features:

  • Javascript Language - The development work in the React Native framework is done using "Javascript", the most popular language.
  • Fast Refresh - This option allows developers to visualise the most recent code change's impact in real-time.
  • Cross-Platform - React Native allows the use of the same codebase to develop both iOS and Android Apps.
  • NPM - The React Native uses the famous and straightforward Node Package Manager for initial setup.

ALDS offers React Native solutions through a team of skilled and certified developers for your following app needs:

  • Mobile and Desktop Development - We offer our clients bespoke and elegant mobile and desktop app solutions to suit their requirements.
  • App Deployment - We take care of the entire Play Store and App Store submission process, including listing, description, ASO.
  • Integration - We provide integration of Android and iOS services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Voice Search, iCloud, CarPlay, Android Auto and In-App Purchases.
  • Maintenance & Support - We offer maintenance and support services in addition to our app development services and help you manage updates and new releases.

React Native provides the following advantages for your app development:

  • Faster Development - Code reusability and speedier coding reduce the time between conception and deployment.
  • Cross-platform Support - React Native offers cross-platform support for major platforms, i.e., iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Open Source and Active Community - React Native is free and open-source with no fees or licensing costs and boasts broad community support.
  • Cost-effective - The React Native framework uses a single programming language which cuts development costs.

Why choose ALDS for your React Native Development?

  • On-time Delivery: We have a consistent track record of delivering projects on time as per client requirements.
  • Transparency: We keep our clients updated about every aspect, including status and resources deployed, making the whole process transparent.
  • Skilled Team: Our certified and experienced React Native developers provide you with the best solutions to your business problems.
  • Technical Support: Our support team promptly provides you with all the answers to your technical queries.