25 Mar 2021

Telemedicine App for Apex Hospital

In recent times, telemedicine has become important, due to increased deployment and development of digital technologies. During COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory social distancing and lack of effective treatments made telemedicine the safest interactive system between patients, both infected and uninfected, and clinicians. ALDS in collaboration with Apex Hospitals has designed a secure and safe telemedicine app for web and mobile phones which has gained immense popularity in these times.

The telemedicine platform, which is accessible on both web and mobile,consists of some standard modules and services like Appointment scheduling, Digital prescriptions, Online Audio andVideo Consultations, profile management, back end infrastructure etc. Additionally, the app consists of some customized (specialized) modules like:

Weight loss Module

which consists of a comprehensive Module of Diet for Weight loss as suggested by dietician and nutritionists, weight loss tracker and a separate module for noting your designed diet plan.

A feedback system module

which allows patients to share their feedbacks for the services offered by the hospital and also rates the experience as being bad, average or excellent.

Apex Health card Module

which allows patients to avail many discount benefits.

Apex Telemedicine App

has been integrated with a third party service provider application, which is a customized feature as well permitting for paying EMIs in easy monthly installments.