22 Mar 2021

React Native of ALDS

React Native of ALDS was launched with the aim of making app development process smoother than ever. The framework being an open-source platform presents the React Native app developers with an all-time access to a super large community of the React world. Besides, there are some enhancement aspects which need to be emphasized upon:

React Native fabric : This is a re-designed architecture user interface layer.

Lean Core : It assists in reducing the size of the mobile app.

Turbo Modules : It is used to enhance the handling of other native modules.

Some Facts about React Native

  • Mobile app development with React Native is done by using the same fundamental blocks. These UI blocks are the same for both Android and iOS apps.
  • The widgets in React Native are analogous to the ones in Flutter.
  • Apps in react native look exactly same in both iOS and android.
  • The core logic of the react native can be shared between mobile app, web app and desktop app.

Why React Native?

Ensures Stability

The realm of mobile app development is highly dynamic and unstable. One of the greatest benefits of using React Native is that it ensures a stable growth. This is because the components of the framework know how to display an app on a popular platform.

Faster and Efficient

React Native have a set of pre-developed components. It’s open-source library, written in Java Script, which makes it easier for developers to write codes in advance and enabling them to use these pre-written codes as and when required.

Easy Solutions

React Native has a myriad of ready-made solutions that help in enhancing the mobile app development process. As for instance, the framework has a testing library that enables the developers to write bug-free code. Flawless coding helps in enhancing the credibility of the end product.

Cost Effective

There are multiple ways how it makes headway to tons of savings for startups. From reusable codebase to minimizing the need to hire React Native programmers, this mobile development solution is a sign to seek.


React Native features cross-platform apps which can function on different operating systems like android, iOS etc. And they are easily accessible across various devices.

ALDS offers React Native solutions through a team of skilled and certified developers for your app requirements which has some unique features:

Faster development with high code-sharing capabilities

Our React Native Developers are proficient in hybrid app designing. Based on our clients’ requirements, we build a feature-rich cross-platform app in shortest time possible.

Increased Developer Velocity

We do not wait for app recompilation every time our client makes a change in the requirement. Hot reloading makes code upgrade much faster than other frameworks.

Benefit to Social Media

Indigenous development of the social media giant witnessed significant improvements in our designed mobile apps. The app runs faster, its content loads quickly and users enjoy using the app with its near-native UI animations.