25 Feb 2022

Get Future Ready With Android App Development

Android is a very famous computing platform that has first been introduced in the commercial market back in 2008 when people prevalently knew only about Blackberry and Nokia. In that era, iPhones were beginning to make their way into the market and most phone users were using flip phones to tap and send their messages. Back at that time, android technology was first introduced in the market. Now, about 70% of devices used worldwide run on android and are a preferred choice for app development. If you are planning to develop your android app for your business, you better consult the best android development company in Jaipur that offers comprehensive development and management of your application, from conceptualizing to the app launch. ALDS, the best android development company in Jaipur will take care of developing, managing, and adding new features to your android application.

Some Major Android Development Solutions Also Offered by ALDS

App Deployment

App deployment is a set of processes and activities included to make the developed application software available for the users which are well planned and delivered by our android development company.

Native and Cross-Platform App Development

We are a company with a futuristic approach and employ different technologies like Native, for example, Android and iOS, and cross-platform technologies like Flutter, React Native, etc. to develop android applications.


Through technology integration, we enhance and serve a better app usage experience to the users by bringing together different technical services and platforms at one stop.

Maintenance & Support

As the best android development company in Jaipur, we offer management services by keeping check of the functions of the developed software through maintenance and support services.

How do ALDS Android App Development Services help you scale your business ?

Open Source

Android platform is open-source that gives a lot of liberty and privilege to be innovative and creative. Apart from the liberty of installing android apps from any source, it is also royalty-free.

Pro-active Testing

The integration of android is easy and the SDK allows the users to install and test android performance on many devices at the time. We can integrate and tweak the application on the Android platform as per the client's requirements.

Multiple Distribution & Sales Channel

In the case of android applications, you are not restricted to the android market. You can use third-party marketplaces, develop your marketplace, or can even use your website to market your application.

Why Choose ALDS For Your Android App Development?

On-time Delivery

Our team of expert developers and programmers is highly efficient and puts our client's needs on priority and delivers the fully developed android apps as per the client's specifications.

Transparency Through The Process

We keep our clients informed and updated about every new detail and upgrade along with the resources used for the process of android software development making the whole process transparent.

Skilled Team of ALDS

Our team of certified and experienced Android developers is dedicated to provide the best solutions to all your needs and cater to all your unique requirements to grow your business.

Prompt Technical Support

At ALDS, we cater to all your problems and support and manage technical issues even after app development.

So, are you ready to scale your business to new heights?

ALDS, the best android development company in Jaipur is here for you. Our state-of-the-art specialised technological services will raise your business to new heights.