24 May 2021

Creating Artificial Human Interactions

A chatbot is an AI-integrated software application designed to provide consumers with a human-like communication experience through text messages and chats on different social platforms.

Chatbots use Natural Language Processing and advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to learn from data insights. NLP is the computer’s ability to understand and process human speech and respond in a language that humans understand. This way, it makes the interaction seem like communication between two humans.

The post-pandemic world has witnessed a steep rise in the usage of digital technology. Internet is a primary channel of communication between buyers and sellers, a chatbot acts as an aid by providing accessibility with ease of process to both parties.

At Aladinn Digital Solutions, we provide API integrations from third party as well as newly designed, highly interactive conversational chatbots.

Detailed Information

Chatbots provide detailed information to the user or visitor regarding all their queries related to product features, pricing, etc.

Quick Response

More often than not, a sense of urgency is found in the users reaching out to the support team of a website. Their queries can either be minimal or complex. The quick responses also influence user satisfaction greatly which is provided by AI Based Chatbots. They are available 24×7 to provide these services to consumers.

Efficient and Convenient

Chatbots makes the complete after-sales service extremely efficient and convenient. It is also beneficial for the companies that provide their services globally.

Eliminate Tedious Time-Consuming Tasks

One of the benefits of chatbots is that they can take over a lot of tedious, repetitive tasks that are currently performed by customer support staff. These jobs can be dull and draining for people, but a bot will never complain, not even when a customer gets frustrated.

Offer a Smoother Customer Journey

One of the best benefits of chatbots is the ability to make the customer journey smoother. It doesn’t take much to deter people from completing a purchase online, whether it is a confusing check-out system or hidden costs. Businesses can use bots to streamline the buying process, popping up on any page to do things like offering additional information on products or services and giving customers more insights from related video content.

Reduce Stress for Consumers

Reduction in stress is one of the greatest advantages of chatbots. Researches in the past decade revealed that most consumers dread contacting the customer support team of a business company. For some people, these phone calls are inconvenient, while others find them frustrating, time-consuming, and socially challenging.

Future of Chatbots

With increasing companies whose primary source of communication is the internet, chatbots are the future of customer support. They would be in great demand for their quick and detailed response. Although AI cannot totally replace human interaction, it can however assist in conducting their jobs in a streamlined manner while also being cost-efficient.