03 Sep 2022

Aladinn Health wins Lifeline Conclave Award by News 18 Rajasthan for healthcare in IT infrastructure

The term “Telemedicine” generally refers to making efficient and effective use of electronic communications and software to render clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. Telemedicine technology is frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, diagnosis management, specialist consultation and many other clinical services that can be provided remotely through secured video and audio communication. In the field of telemedicine, Aladinn Group grabbed attention as its subunits, namely, ALDS (Aladinn Mobile and Web App Development company), (https://www.aladinntech.com/), Aladinn Digital Solutions, (https://www.aladinn.in/), Aladinn Health (Name of telemedicine app), developed telemedicine mobile apps during the times of COVID-19, for hospitals such as Apex, Mahatma Gandhi and NIMS. The development got a special nation-wide recognition when News 18 Rajasthan awarded the group with Lifeline Conclave Award in the sector of healthcare in IT infrastructure. The award has been given for the unexceptional work done in the field of creating advanced telemedicine solution. The team of Aladinn group discussed the challenges associated with telemedicine app development and its scope in future for delivering improved health facilities.

Powered by the latest and most robust technologies, telemedicine solutions developed by Aladinn Health includes a broad range of features like virtual clinics, HD Audio/Video consultation sessions, digital prescriptions, creation of tele-OPDs, patient medical reports, integration with softwares like CRM, ERP, HIS, etc., thorough post-sale services and more to provide hassle free patient care and enhance the quality of online healthcare delivery system.

Let us dive a little deeper into the features of telemedicine solutions developed by Aladinn Health:

Creation of virtual clinic :

Within this, there are modules which have been added such as weight loss module, personalized clinic which enables regular monitoring of the patients’ condition. It has the feature of granting different kinds of packages and also creating one.

Third Party Integration :

APIs of various banks have been integrated with the telemedicine app so as to enable easy loan approvals as for instance, apex hospital has integrated with Bajaj EMI finance.

HD video consultation :

This permits doctors to carry out a personalized, exclusive and confidential monitoring of the patient’s condition in the same way as when the patient attends an in-person consultation.

Appointment scheduling :

This allows for the booking and management of appointments with doctors. The doctors can even provide feedback, rating and review to the patients.

Features :

  • Online availability, 24/7
  • Can be integrated with CRM system
  • Ability to monitor the booking statistics via Admin Panel
  • Doctors’ schedule management via Admin Panel
  • In-app push notifications and SMS for Doctors and Patients

Creation of Tele-OPD’s :

The provision of Tele-OPDs allow for connecting with the clinics of small villages. Aladdin’s Telemedicine solution is the platform which allows for this interaction.

Electronic health records :

This includes systematized collection of patients’ electronically stored health information like medical history, medication and allergies, laboratory test results, personal statistics like age, sex, weight and vitals.

Generation of E-Prescription :

An electronic or digital prescription can be generated by doctors directly on the software, web or mobile app, which is then immediately received by the patient.

Secured gateway payment system :

A highly secure, efficient and widely used payment gateway system which collects payments after appointment booking by the patient.

Cloud based e-storage system :

When patients have established their accounts, they can get storage of e-Medical records that contain their information, including medical data and history of communication.

When the entire world has come to screen, medicine remains no exception. The future of telemedicine is bright and encouraging. Also, the team of developers of Aladinn Health are working tirelessly to develop more innovative solutions for the telemedicine app. Let’s hope to see and explore more ideas for telemedicine.