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Mobile User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)

UI refers to the controls visitors use to interact with a mobile app, such as button displays and gesture controls. On the other hand, UX is focused on the user's behavior and feelings when using the app. The core components of UX/UI include:

  • Information Architecture (IA) - IA is concerned with achieving the business goals by designing the site's information structure.
  • Interaction Design (ID) - ID is concerned with creating the conceptual design using which the visitors interact with the app.
  • Usability - Its objective is to ensure the visitors find the app easier to navigate and get the information they need faster.
  • Wireframing - It is about creating a sample of the app to test the features, look, and usability before it is launched.
  • Visual Design - It focuses on selecting the best visual elements, e.g., images, colors, icons, fonts, and identifying how the app's appearance impacts the interaction of its visitors.

ALDS offers UI/UX design solutions through its skilled and dedicated designers for your following needs:

  • Wireframe and Prototyping - Our design team creates wireframes & prototypes using the best tools and methods for faster deployments.
  • UX Improvement - Our team enables you to improve your app's UX to increase user engagement and bottom-line.
  • UI Design - We deliver designs that engage, improve interactions and retain.
  • Usability Audits - Our designers help evaluate your website's or app's UI evaluation.

Choosing UI/UX design best practices provides these advantages to your projects:

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention - Well-designed UX/UI helps gain customers' trust and increases the odds of acquiring and retaining them.
  • Reduces development time and cost - Efficient UX/UI reduces clutter and avoids usability issues.
  • Increased productivity - A good UX/UI increases the productivity of customers and employees, thereby reducing wasted time and bounce rates.
  • More user engagement - Interactions like Call-to-action are increased due to better user engagements offered by efficient UX/UI.

Leading companies choose ALDS for their Design needs for the following reasons:

  • Creative Team - Our team of UI and graphic designers and developers work in unison to provide your users with intuitive and functional UX.
  • Comprehensive UX Testing - We employ the best tools and technologies to check and improve UX to make your app highly intuitive.
  • Fast Delivery - We have a consistent track record of delivering on-time designs that fit.
  • Technical Support - Our support team promptly provides you with the best solutions to your Design/UX problems.