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Laravel is a back-end web framework written in PHP. Laravel, based on Symphony, is designed to make web applications faster and boasts hosts of features like:

  • MVC Architecture - Laravel separates code into three components allowing faster server-side development, which is also easy to maintain.
  • Open-Source and Free - Laravel is open-source and free and does not require any license fees for its use.
  • Practical Object–Relational Mapping - Laravel's inbuilt ORM enables the developers to query the database without writing any SQL code.
  • Migration System - Laravel provides migrations that act like version control of the database allowing quick changes and rollbacks.

ALDS provides the following solutions, which are built upon Laravel back-end framework:

  • Custom Backend Development - Our technically qualified programmers provide you with custom solutions running on Laravel on the back-end.
  • API Development - Our team has years of experience delivering custom Laravel REST API solutions suitable for your enterprise needs.

These benefits make Laravel the most popular among the PHP frameworks:

  • Feature Packed - Laravel has tons of inbuilt features and provides out-of-the-box templating, authentication, and automated testing support using PHPUnit.
  • Free and Open Source - Laravel is open source and freely customizable, providing a foundation for need-based custom development.
  • Broad community Support - Laravel is one of the most active frameworks backed by thousands of contributors due to its immense popularity among developers.
  • Security - Laravel is a secure platform that secures web applications from the most common security risks such as SQL injection, CSRF, and XSS.

Choosing ALDS for your Laravel projects will offer you the following benefits:

  • On-time Delivery: We have a history of on-time project delivery as per client specifications.
  • Transparency: We keep our clients fully informed about every aspect, including status and resources deployed, making the whole process transparent.
  • Skilled Team: Our certified Laravel team is competent and has years of experience in back-end development.
  • Technical Support: Our support team promptly provides you with all the answers to your technical queries.