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Travel and Hospitality

With innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, ALDS addresses your enterprise's industry-specific needs. Taking into account diverse clients' needs, we provide comprehensive and result-oriented IT solutions to operate, analyze, manage, and operate an effective travel distribution system through various channels.

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Developing web applications

Development of powerful and feature-rich web applications that allow businesses to reach a wider audience.

  • Travel Portals

    Travel Portals

  • E-reservation


  • Web Check-in

    Web Check-in

  • Virtual Tour Websites

    Virtual Tour Websites

Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Mobile Application Development

Develop applications that make successful customer engagements with the user, while providing user guides through various features and functions.

  • Travel Booking Apps

    Travel Booking Apps

  • Taxi Apps

    Taxi Apps

  • Hospitality Apps

    Hospitality Apps

  • Virtual Tour Apps

    Virtual Tour Apps

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Apps for booking and e-ticketing

Reducing the inconvenience caused by long queues for your customers is now possible. Get all the information you need about flights, trains, buses, and reservations on your mobile device.

  • E-reservation


  • Secured Payment

    Secured Payment

  • Offer Listing

    Offer Listing

  • Travel product innovative services

    Travel product innovative services

Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Applications for hotel booking

Take advantage of the wide range of hotels and their services to enhance your travel experience. At ALDS we develop mobile apps that offer a wide range of unique features.

  • E-reservation


  • Web Check-in

    Web Check-in

  • Best Price

    Best Price

  • Search Console

    Search Console

  • Easy Refund/Zero Cancellation

    Easy Refund/Zero Cancellation

  • Reviews and Rewards

    Reviews and Rewards

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Comparative Portals

In order to ensure that you land at the right place, we allow you to differentiate between hotels and resorts.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Predictive Analysis

  • Customer Tracking

    Customer Tracking

  • Feature Comparison

    Feature Comparison

  • Price Comparison

    Price Comparison

Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Aladinn Tech
Car Rental Solutions

We provide you with the authenticated, standardized and secured rental car solutions that guarantee you a painless trip regardless of where you wish to go.

  • Signup/Login


  • Driver Dashboard

    Driver Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin Dashboard

  • Navigational System

    Navigational System

  • Real-time tracking

    Real-time tracking

  • Simplified Registration

    Simplified Registration


Travel and Hospitality

For delivering personalized customer service, travel and tourism businesses are embracing digital transformation. Travel and hospitality businesses face many challenges, though. By leveraging our solutions, you can overcome these challenges while aligning your business to evolving customer expectations and business models.

  • Changing consumer habits

    Changing consumer habits

    As a result of digital transformation, consumers have evolved from traditional methods of searching and researching, which has forced businesses to change the way they market, promote, and provide services.
  • Information Management

    Information Management

    It is essential to have access to consumer data in order to provide relevant and more precise services. However, digitalisation has also generated a great deal of data, making it difficult to manage.
  • Generating revenue

    Generating revenue

    Continuous economic fluctuation makes it difficult for businesses to maintain economic symmetry, reducing their chances of surviving in a competitive and harsh economy.
  • Competitive Landscape

    Competitive Landscape

    There are new websites and apps appearing in the market every day, making it difficult for businesses to survive. Therefore, in order to compete against the cut throat competition, it becomes very important to offer unique and relevant features.
  • Cross-platform compatibility

    Cross-platform compatibility

    Due to the growing number of customers, it's quite imperative to keep pace with all the technological solutions in order to be compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Increasing operating costs

    Increasing operating costs

    Hotel and travel costs are rising in response to industrialization, requiring the hospitality companies to raise their operational costs, hindering resource utilization.
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What Value We Deliver

Travel and Hospitality

  • 1
    A Customized Experience

    We craft value propositions that provide exceptional, individualized experiences that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Rather than just personalizing a segment of the journey, we create solutions that customize the whole journey.

  • 2
    Offering insights

    By leveraging the big data generated online, businesses can gain a competitive advantage. It is our job to create a web/mobile solution that allows customers to see the same seamless booking, check-in, and travelling experience across multiple devices with the same performance.

  • 3
    Simplifying bookings

    ALDS develops interactive booking engines providing customers with the greatest convenience and thus, promoting reliability and security.

  • 4
    Simplifying Destination Search

    With a wide range of web and mobile applications, we make it easy for you to find your destination using a variety of mapping and navigation solutions.