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Flutter Development

Flutter is an open-source development framework made by Google for building elegant, natively compiled, multi-platform apps. Flutter allows sharing of a single code base across platforms, and it has the following prominent features:

  • Native and JS compiling - Flutter code compiles into native code for iOS and Android, while for web, it gets compiled into Javascript.
  • Hot Reload - This option allows developers to view the impact of code change without restarting the app.
  • Simplified Initial Setup - The flutter setup does not require complex dependencies and configurations.
  • Dart Language - All of the development work in the Flutter framework is done using Dart Language created by Google.

ALDS offers Flutter solutions through a team of skilled and certified developers for your following app needs:

  • Mobile and Desktop Development - We offer our clients bespoke and elegant mobile app solutions to suit their needs.
  • App Deployment - We take care of the entire Play Store and App Store submission process, including listing, description, ASO.
  • Integration - We provide integration of Android and iOS services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Siri, iCloud, CarPlay, Android Auto and In-App Purchases.
  • Maintenance & Support - We offer maintenance and support services in addition to our app development services and help you manage updates and new releases.

Flutter provides the following advantages for your app development:

  • Speed - Apps created by Flutter are fast and almost run at native speed.
  • Cross-platform Support - Flutter offers cross-platform support for major platforms, i.e., iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Open Source and Active Community - Flutter is free and open-source with no fees or licensing costs and boasts broad community support.
  • Faster and cost-effective - The flutter framework uses a single programming language which cuts development costs.

Why choose ALDS for your Flutter Development?

  • On-time Delivery: We have a consistent track record of delivering projects on time as per client requirements.
  • Transparency: We keep our clients updated about every aspect, including status and resources deployed, making the whole process transparent.
  • Skilled Team: Our certified and experienced Flutter developers provide you with the best solutions to your business problems
  • Technical Support: Our support team promptly provides you with all the answers to your technical queries.