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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) are digital patient data used by healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, quality of care and reduce costs. While EMRs are kept for internal organizational systems, EHRs are, on the other hand, kept for inter-organizational systems, and they contain data from multiple health providers. The concept of an online system known as Personal Health Records (PHR) has come up to allow patients to self-manage medical records.

Electronic Health Records have the following key features:

  • Patient Data - EHRs contain patients' medical history, diagnoses, allergies, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, radiology images, radiology, and laboratory test results.
  • Workflow Improvement - EHRs automate and streamline providers' workflow removing bottlenecks reducing idle time and cost.
  • Report Generation - EHRs allow providers to access digital data and generate detailed reports that provide useful insights for decision making.
  • Data-Driven - EHRs allow access to AI-based models and tools that providers can use to make patient care decisions.

ALDS offers solutions for your following Electronic Health Records needs:

  • Custom Electronic Health Records System - We design and develop custom EHR solutions with advanced features, dashboards, visualization tools, etc., that suit your organization's needs.
  • Turnkey Electronic Health Records System - Our deployment team assists you in setting up and deploying our Turnkey Electronic Health Record solution in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Electronic Health Records Integration - Our development team allows you to integrate our Electronic Health Records solution into your organization-specific system or other third-party tools.
  • Maintenance and Upgrade - We keep your Electronic Health Records system up and running at peak loads and eliminate downtimes. We also offer continuing updates and upgrades for your Electronic Health Record solution.

Electronic Health Records applications provide the following advantages to your organization:

  • Instantaneous Retrieval - EHRs provide 24x7, instantaneous information retrieval of patients' data, which is correct, up-to-date, and full; which improves patient outcomes and saves precious time for doctors.
  • Data Generation and Sharing - EHRs allow for quick sharing of patient information with doctors, multiple health providers, and patients, as well as logging other relevant data for better planning of resources by providers.
  • Improved Compliance - EHRs facilitate better legal and regulatory compliance in terms of improved data security and superior patient confidentiality through access control.
  • Decreased Overheads - EHRs reduce costs associated with supplies, time, and effort needed to maintain paper files, transcription costs, and the costs relating to the physical retrieval of charts.

Why choose ALDS for your Electronic Health Records needs?

  • Data security : Our company ensures that our EHRs solutions comply with the strict laws and regulations that ensure clinical information privacy.
  • Skilled Team : Our seasoned and well-experienced team offers you the best and most customizable EHR solutions with an intuitive User Experience.
  • Affordable & Time-saving : We allow your organization to save time and money with our Turnkey EHR solution that is quick to deploy and cost-effective.
  • 24x7 Technical Support : Our EHR support team promptly provides you with all the answers to employee queries and guides them to address all technical issues.