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Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM is a tool to manage all of a company's customers and potential customer relationships and interactions. The goal is to improve business interactions and learn customers' behavior and buying traits. CRM aids companies in maintaining contact with customers, streamlining processes, and thereby maximizing revenue. CRM has the following key features:

  • Reporting and Dashboards - Executives can view engaging statistics in a rich and visual presentation using customized dashboards and reports, thereby gaining business insights.
  • Lead Management - LM enables a company to identify the best clients to follow up with based on demographic and psychographic criteria.
  • Sales Analytics - Employees analyze using AI and use logged past campaign data to create better sales campaigns in the future.
  • Contact Management - Contact management allows users to categorize contacts into groups to organize and better care of them.

ALDS offers custom solutions for your following CRM needs:

  • Custom CRM Development - We design CRM solutions with advanced features that provide complete operations automation and analytics.
  • CRM Module Development - Our experienced CRM software developers have proven competence at designing, developing, and integrating discrete CRM modules.
  • CRM System Integration - Our skilled CRM experts are competent at integrating our CRM application into your company-specific systems or other third-party tools.
  • Maintenance and Upgrade - We keep your CRM running at peak loads and eliminate downtimes. We offer continuing updates and upgrades for your custom CRM software.

CRM applications provide the following advantages to your organization:

  • Automation - CRM provides automation across processes, like reducing the time it takes to respond to customer queries, handling basic queries using bots, analyzing leads using AI, etc., leading to higher productivity.
  • Collaboration - CRM platforms provide collaboration tools that allow multiple employees to work on data simultaneously, which speeds up internal communication.
  • Better customer service - CRM ensures that your employees have every customer record at their fingertips and can serve customers better and provide a better experience.
  • Increased sales - CRM apps help your company streamline the sales process, create a sales pipeline, automate tasks and quickly analyze sales data, thereby increasing sales.

Why choose ALDS for your CRM needs?

  • Well-Established Team : Our seasoned and well-established team offers you the best custom and turnkey CRM solutions for your business.
  • On-time Delivery : We have a history of consistent on-time development and deployment of CRM solutions as per client requirements.
  • Data security : Our experts know that data security and integrity are the cornerstone of every CRM and provide you with defense-grade security and encryption.
  • 24x7 Technical Support : Our CRM support team promptly provides you with all the answers to employee queries and guides them to address all technical issues.