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AI Based Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates and mimics human intelligence and it allows computers to learn from experience (data collection), adjust to new experiences, and perform human-like tasks, including repetitive tasks and creative tasks. AI is broadly divided into four types/levels of Artificial Intelligence according to capabilities:

  • Reactive Machines - Reactive machines can neither form memories nor use past experiences for decision-making.
  • Limited Memory - In addition to having the capabilities of reactive machines, AI can also learn from past experiences to make decisions.
  • Theory of Mind - At this level, AI can interact with other intelligent entities by understanding their needs, emotions, beliefs, and thought processes.
  • Self-Awareness - This is the final stage of AI development, where AI develops self-awareness similar to the human brain.

ALDS offers tailor-made AI solutions for your following needs:

  • Machine Learning - We help you leverage big data to train machine learning models just like humans for making informed decisions.
  • Natural Language Processing - NLP enables machines to understand and comprehend what people speak and write, and we allow your organization to harness NLP for tasks like semantic search, info extraction, and speech recognition.
  • Image Processing - We help you acquire, analyze, and synthesize images using AI image processing and identifying patterns in them.
  • Virtual Agents - We create AI-powered virtual agents capable of understanding and interpreting human language and can deliver complicated functions like customer support.

AI-based technologies provide the following advantages for your organization:

  • Productivity gains - AI can be used to delegate monotonous tasks and creative decision-making tasks to machines to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Insights - Big data collected by organizations can be leveraged and processed using AI to uncover business insights for gaining competitive advantage.
  • Better Customer Service - AI can be used to uncover customer spending patterns, help improve customers' shopping experience, and provide intelligent customer support bots.
  • Cost-cutting - Using AI can cut costs by automating tasks, reducing human errors, and improving monitoring.

Why choose ALDS for your AI-based solutions?

  • Proven Expertise : Our certified and experienced AI consultants provide you with the best AI solutions for your business problems.
  • Bleeding Edge Technologies : We employ the greatest and bleeding-edge AI innovative technologies for finding the best AI solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction : We focus on the customer requirements and expectations with the goal to provide total customer satisfaction.
  • On-time Delivery : We have a consistent track record of delivering projects on time as per client requirements.
  • Transparency : We keep our clients updated about every aspect, including status and resources deployed, making the whole process transparent.
  • Technical Support : Our 24x7 support team promptly provides you with all the answers to your technical queries.